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[ Oh baby you know you're just in denial ]

Name: Fai~nu.
LJ: etvotri 
Email: omoshiroi3__3@hotmail.com
IM: Faikkku (AIM, 3ks)

Name: Nemo [Nephilim Gall] < BOLDED = VERY VERY SECRET.
Alias: Nebulous Nox, N, Nox, (& sometimes נפלים, which means 'Nephilim'). Personally and among friends, he prefers 'Nemo'.
Age: 14. [June Seventh - 7/6]
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: UM. SEXUALIPHOBIA OR SOMETHING. |D;; Can't stand being touched. He'll freak out. lol. No, seriously, HE DOESN'T KNOW but probably asexual or something. (Most likely pansexual whenever he realizes it.)
Habit/Neurosis: Dices. It's a fucking obsession; N carries his dices everywhere. They're needed for him to make decisions, to kill time with, to calm him and to clear his mind. He always carries a rather large amount with him, which he uses at tests in order to solve problems and find answers. For him, it doesn't matter if it's (morally) correct or not; the dice tells the truth, that's enough.

He can't stand seeing other people using/holding dices. This'll most likely make him go crazy and scream and try to take the dices from the person |D;; Quite brutally, too.

Plz 2 b seein' personality asap for more habit/phobia-like stuff.
Calm and collected, very withdrawn and seemingly quite bitter towards social activities. He avoids physical contact at any cost, and tends to lie a lot. He's pretty damn good at it, too. Lies are, basically, what makes out his life. THEREFORE, NEVER TAKE AN ADVICE IF YOU AREN'T CONFIDENT THAT IT'LL MAKE YOU ANY GOOD OR TRUST WHAT HE SAYS BECAUSE IT'S ALL BULLSHIT.

Even so, N is a rather differing character. He's terrified of the dark and usually sleeps with several lights on. There also hangs several dreamcatchers by his bed, and he can't sleep anywhere but in his OWN bed (which will be a problem at a start and N will pass out at random times due to lack of sleep, which will later put him through a minor breakdown that lasts for about three-five minutes. He also sleeptalks and sleepwalks |D;) and can't eat while people are watching/eat in groups, thus, he usually asks if he can eat on his room or wait, or not eat at all. These are things he would NEVER show in public: his breakdowns and random outbursts (apart from the dice one, since it's kinda unavoidable) are something he's embarrassed over and would most likely attempt to strangle whoever witnessed them |D;;.

He studies a lot (but claims not to; he never studies where anyone might see), and does this by locking himself into his room where he sits for hours without food, and throws his dices. The key that triggers his almost jittery personality would be any sort of sudden movement or sound, like when you scare him or when you drop a glass and it breaks into thousands and thousands of pieces. Only then (Along with darkness and his dices) N loses control completely.

N is also a perfectionist. He studies most of his free time, but on the few occasions where he seeks attention/accidentally bumps into someone, N is desperate to take control. If he doesn't have control, he freaks out.

Well, for anyone else, N might come forth as a complete asshole or the average wannabe-successor. It depends, really, but he tends to be quite manipulative and dominant whenever in groups, even though he loathes attention. It's pretty twisted.

When it comes to intelligence, most of his knowledge is based on studying, but he's also very good at finding solutions to things (he hates compromising), analyzing facts and has an overall good sensing-thing.

He's probably a masochist, too, but trying hard to be a sadist |D;.
(Oh and he isn't very affected by stress. Unless he tells himself to be stressed. Adrenaline boost ftw.)
[Blood type]: A.
[Horoscope sign]: Gemini.
[Personality type]: ISTP.

Appearance: (Viral/TTGL) [Here]. (minus the teeth, the hands/feet and a bit rounder pupils, although eyes are yellow).
Hair: Bright blond, seems like he cuts it himself.
Eye Color: Yellowish, quite small pupils.
Height: ~172cm.
Weight: Around 50kg, has a thin and not very muscular build to his dismay.
Dress: Usually red/brown clothes, never plain black or white.
Other: Has ONE very sharp tooth on the left, upper side, and rather big spaces between his teeth.

If you ever ask Nemo about his parents, he will solely stare blankly at you. The reason?
Nemo never knew his parents. He was at a very young age thrown away, dumped at his-- well, that was what he had been told-- grandmothers, Anne's, house. She was old, crazy, but overall nice.

Crazy in the aspects of random gibberish and incoherent rants about spirits and how your future rests in your dreams. Nut-talk like this scared Nemo, and after every discussion he found himself being unable to sleep; it was too dark. Anne had told him that the spirits preferred the dark, and that if you listen closely-- you can hear them. "Sometimes, they even talk to you in your sleep! That's how me and Lars talk."

Dreamcatchers and lights. This was the solution to his problem.

Other than that, she took good care of Nemo, gave him a loving home and held him close, but every time Nemo asked about his parents, she went blank and told him to leave.

Thus, his parents and their fate are merely mysteries to Nemo. All he knows is that his mother had been married with a well-known man, an owner of a rather large company thorough England, and she was also the cause of it's breakdown. You see, apparently, Nemo's mother had cheated on her husband, and the result was Nemo, along with the company decaying into ruins; the owner had been madly in love with Nemo's wife.

Nemo doesn't really know the rest. He doesn't even know her name, but he got to hear a lot about his grandmother's first husband, Lars, who had died in the WWII. He had been a pilot who had been crushed in an ambush, but during all Nemo's childhood he'd heard about Lars' piloting skills. This was something that awoke a passion for flying machines of all sorts and piloting in general-- Nemo was determined to become a pilot, it was his one goal in life. Even his grandmother told him that she was going to support him as much as she could; it would satisfy Lars.

It didn't last long though, because on the day of Nemo's 13th birthday, his grandmother fell down the stairs and broke her neck. Even though he was utterly depressed during the first three months, Nemo was determined to fulfill their mutual wish and become a pilot.

Well, his dream was thrown in the dirt and spat on after eleven months spent in his first orphanage, just north of winchester.

He was colorblind.

All of his motivation died, scattered into thousands of pieces that no longer mattered. Nemo refused to talk to anyone, but up until this time, a teacher had already noticed his outstanding intelligence and ability to find solutions and analyze facts.

All it really took to change his future further was a quick call to a man named Roger, and merely a month later he was sent to Winchester.

Sample Journal Entry:
This is madness. I demand you to take me out of here!

I don't want to end up like the rest of you...
Sample Roleplay
He didn't like any of it. It was large, it was old and it was... full of people. The boy was writhing in his seat, trying to flee his fate and squirm out of the uncomfortable situation. The car pulled up just outside the orphanage, and the blond stilled, leaned back and groaned- "oh god".

This was where he'd have to spend the rest of his years until he was brutally shoved aside because he wasn't god enough to succeed L, or until L died and he had to succeed the detective's name. But how likely was that, anyway? There were enough kids in there to rid THREE fucking worlds of evil and criminals and whatnot-- what was the purpose, anyway? It was just stupid. All of it. He was just another backup plan in the line to aid L's on his.. task.. what ever it was.

Yes, that's what they were. How utterly degrading.
Couldn't he just live a normal life? Get new parents, pretend that they were the real ones. That he wasn't the son that had been considered horrible enough to abandon, just like that.

He critically observed the large building as he was guided out of the car and over to the wrought iron gate where a rather friendly-looking man was standing. Soles clicked against the concrete, partly dulled by the fallen leaves. Every step made him feel even more anxious, even more reluctant---

Nemo wasn't quite sure how to survive it all.


NEMO & (N)ebulous (N)ox.

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